Do you know what is “wiring harness and cable assembly”?

Do you know what is “wiring harness and cable assembly”?

On the night of June 6, 1992, the aircraft took off from Tocumen International Airport in Panama City for a flight to Cali, Colombia with 40 passengers and seven crew members. The weather seems not good. Because of severe tropical storms, the pilot requested permission from Tocumen air traffic control to fly a different route, taking the plane over Darien.


Just seconds after the call to Tocumen air traffic control and passing the thunderstorms that were falling along the original route, suddenly plane entered a steep dive of an angle of 100 degrees to the right and rolled uncontrollably to the ground. The pilots tried to level up the aircraft in a desperate attempt to save the plane, but it crashed in a jungle area of the Darien.


No one was survival in this accident. According to investigating, the data of flight recorder showed the plane was in a high-speed dive before it broke up. The trouble was later traced to a faulty wiring harness to the artificial horizon and attitude indicating instruments, which caused the indicator to mislead the pilot into believing he was banking left, prompting him to bank to the right.


The small faulty wiring harness causes 47 people death. It is just because the aircraft didn’t install wiring harness that we made. We do a lot of accurate testing. For example, electrical testing, visual testing for pin positions, shaking testing, high voltage and etc. We promise to ensure the quality of products.


How does the product consist? It is built up connectors, cables, hook-up wire, terminal and accessories. Some of them are simple and small. Some are complicated and bigger their shape are like spiders, centipedes. We also make “Cable Assemblies”. The different is that “wiring harness” using in inner box, but is outer. The specific name of product is “wire harness” or “wiring harness” and “cable assembly” or “cable assemblies”.


The application industries are on personal Computer, Notebooks, Medical industry, Military industry, Aerospace, Home appliance, Robots, Network, ICT and mobile phones. Each of the stuff I mentioned forward is about electronics and signals. Nothing can work without them the products we offer. I always script we are unsung heroes in electrical field. And do you know how long of cable is in car? There are 4 kilometers long cables in the cars? Moreover they are lengthened in electrical cars in the future. Now you know better about our products and how important they are. Thank you for your attention.

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